iTestMic is the test and measurement microphone that works with iPhone 4, iPod touch 4, and iPad.


iTestMic plugs directly into the 30-pin connector, and is powered from the iOS device. It auto-calibrates, uses very little power, and provides excellent performance.

Upgrade your AudioTools app to accurately test and setup subwoofers, measure much lower noise levels, and measure sound levels up to 120 dB SPL. 

Use iTestMic with our AudioTools Wireless app for remotely sending microphone audio to AudioTools running on another iOS device.


iTestMic also supports charging your iOS device, when used with a suitable power supply.

When you plug iTestMic into any iOS device running AudioTools, the factory calibration values are read and applied, giving you an instantly available accurate SPL measurement tool calibrated to +/-0.1 dB, no matter what iOS device you are using.

Small enough to keep in a pocket or backpack, for quick and accurate sound measurements, and always available.

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Some applications:

** Home theater setup

** House of worship sound system setup and maintenance

** System integration

** Test SPL for community noise studies

** Live sound SPL monitoring and system setup

**Should I buy iTestMic or iAudioInterface2?

See this page for information on powering the attached iOS device while iTestMic is plugged in.


Omnidirectional pattern

20Hz - 20kHz +/- 3dB

28 dBA - 120 dBA performance in two ranges

NC Limit: Below NC29

1/2" nominal size, fits standard calibrators

Consumes less than 50ma in use

0.5m  (19") cable length

Two gain ranges, 28-105 dBA, and 48-120 dBA

Mono signal, present at both Left and Right output channels

Excellent immunity to cell phone RF noise

Factory calibration stored internally, from a 94.0 dB pressure-compensated calibrator.


iPhone 4


iPhone touch 4


iPod Touch 5*

*Requires Apple 30-pin to Lightning adapter. We have tested iTestMic with Apple's Lightning to 30-pin adapter and verified that all functions work correctly, including auto-calibration. Either of the Apple adapters can be used.

Technical Information

The dual-gain range mic preamp, A/D converters, and USB digital audio interface are all contained within the mic itself, so no Apple analog electronics are used. This lets us bypass the heavy filtering and compression that are normally in use, and store calibration values that are read by software. 

iTestMic is equivalent to having a pro Type 2-class test & measurement mic, low-noise matched preamp with two fixed gain ranges, A/D converter, and USB digital audio interface, all combined in one portable device.

iTestMic meets ANSI / ISO Type 2 specifications for frequency response, linearity, and directional characteristics.  We do not guarantee that this microphone can meet the strict environmental requirements of Type 2 or Type 1.

See our Microphone Type 1 & 2 Certification page for more information about ANSI and ISO specification compatibility.

User guide here.

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