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Studio Six Digital creates advanced audio test and measurement systems based on the iOS platform. Some of the applications include live sound monitoring, sound system setup and EQ, community noise, house of worship, and education.

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What’s New:

New! Upgrade Calculator

Due to requests from our many long-term customers, we have added a new path to the Unlock Everything upgrade.

The Upgrade Calculator will inspect the app for already installed in-app purchases, and pro-rate the full upgrade cost by the approximate percentage of apps that you already have bought. You will then be presented with the oppurtunity to purchase this upgrade, which has the same benefits as the Unlock Everything option.

Note that depending on your previous purchase history, you may be presented with a one-time discount that is valid for 24 hours. Note that if you do not use it within that time period, the discount will expire and not appear again.

To find the Upgrade Calculator, just navigate to the Support & Upgrades menu, and you will see the Upgrade Calculator.

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iOS 12 Fully Supported

iOS 12 is recommended for all users. All Studio Six Digital apps are now fully iOS 12 compatible. If your app is crashing, please update to the latest version on the App Store.

iPhone XR, XS and XS Max

All of our apps will work fine on the new devices. We have just released an AudioTools update that supports iPhone XS and XS Max, please update to 10.19.

Upgrade to AudioTools 10.19 today.

iPad Pro with USB C

Apple has released new iPads that have USB C connectors rather than Lightning. Although we are still waiting for them to release updated specifications for these devices to fully understand what we can and cannot do, we know some things now.

It does not seem like there is an adapter that will allow the use of Lightning products with this iPad. We have tried a few, and they don’t seem to work. We think this is due to a software component (call iAP) missing in iOS, and that it would be possible for Apple to add support for this in the future.

Our existing USB products, which include iAudioInterface2 with the USB A cable, and the usbPrecisionMic, do work fine as audio devices with AudioTools and other apps, although they must be setup using a Lightning-connector iOS device. We are looking into providing support for setting up these devices, but at this time Apple is not providing the software support to do this. On the Mac, we use something called IOKit that provides access to the USB HID protocol, but again this is not available at this time on iPad Pro. 

We are pushing Apple on both of these fronts, and we would welcome your support. To do this, go to the Apple Feedback link, and select the iPad icon, and fill out the form. Apple has the ability to implement support for Lightning products over USB, if they decide to do so. So we are asking that they add both USB HID support as well as iAP over USB to these new devices.

7-Day Trial Period for In-App Purchases

Not sure if you want to spend the money for one of the in-app purchase upgrades? Now you can try it for 7 days for free, and if it meets your needs purchase it at that time. Trial periods apply to all in-app purchases, with the exception of the "Unlock All Modules" upgrade. Worry-free, these do not automatically convert to purchases.

Try them out today!

Microphone Calibration Database

We have implemented a cloud-based database with individual calibration values for every iOS model, in all supported iOS versions. Now we can update calibration for new devices in real time, without requiring an app update. You may see messages about new calibrations being installed from time to time. Please let us know if you are experiencing any calibration issues, by using our Calibration Error Report.

AudioTools User Guide

Download our new AudioTools User Guide here for a comprehensive overview of AudioTools.

Unlock Everything with the  "All-in Option"

Get every module and save money! Perfect for the professional user who needs multiple AudioTools modules. Unlock the full power of AudioTools.

The newest audio input device: iTestMic2 

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iTestMic2 improves on the popular iTestMic by adding a 3.5mm stereo analog output jack and iOS device charging. The perfect solution for iPhone 7. Now with individual frequency calibration files.

iTestMic is the most affordable way to have a calibrated SPL Meter, RTA, FFT analyzer and more.  Plug it into your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad to get a mobile professional test & measurement system. $229.

Includes an analog output and iOS device charging. Use it for home theater setup, live sound, SPL testing, or sound contracting work. 

Order iTestMic2 here. 

Hold everything with the Weatherproof Multi-Purpose Case


Our new heavy-duty, waterproof Multi-Purpose Cases are in, and ready to ship. They have high-density foam that is laser-cut to fit our microphones, and iPhones (models 5, 6, and 7, but not Plus) as well as an iPad mini.

Great way to transport and present the AudioTools system, or use it for other equipment.

Now shipping.

iAudioInterface2 Lightning/USB now shipping.



iAudioInterface2 and included iOS Lightning and USB Audio interconnect cables.

The professional audio interface for iOS devices made to work with for AudioTools.

Phantom powered mic input, balanced line input and output, digital audio output, internal battery, and iOS device charging.


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AudioTools is the professional audio test & measurement app that gives you a comprehensive set of tools on your iOS mobile device. Perfect for A/V techs, FOH, recording engineers, acousticians, home theater installers, and anyone who loves pro audio. 

Upgrade AudioTools with iAudioInterface2, or iTestMic, to complete your mobile professional audio test & measurement system.

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iPrecisionMic is the perfect addition to your AudioTools setup to get the most accurate and lowest-noise measurements. Plug it into your iOS device running AudioTools and instantly you can have a Type 1 certified sound level meter and analyzer.

Perfect for noise monitoring and surveys, critical acoustical analysis work, and any time that a high-quality precision professional microphone is required. Available both with and without a Type 1 Calibration Certificate, starting at $1099.


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