Microphone Accessories

Extend the performance and capabilities of iPrecisionMic with these accessories.


Reduce the input level from the microphone capsule to allow higher SPL measurement.

Attenuator 20dBMATT-20Attenuator 30dBMATT-30


Nominal 20 dB attenuator, provides approximately 16dB of attenuation in our system.

Typical maximum SPL level of 141 dB SPL.


Nominal 30 dB attenuator, provides approximately 24 dB attenuation in our system for a typical maximum SPL of 149 dB SPL.


IMG 2904

See our full description of our new Multi-Purpose Case.

This case works with a variety of different iOS devices, including iPhone 5, 6, and 7, and the iPad Mini series of devices.

It may be configured as a self-contained remote sound logging system, or as a robust weather-proof case for iPrecisionMic, and iOS device, calibrator, and other accessories.


We have two sizes of windscreens that are available. See this document for specifications and full information about these windscreens.

DS WSx-80T1

Windscreen WS1-80T and iPrecision


3 inch diameter weather resistant windscreen.

Windscreen WS7-80T


7 inch diameter weather resistant windscreen.