Microphone Calibrator

cal-1-800x800 copySince 99% of the measurment microphones in use today come equipped with plastic diaphragms, (iPrecisionMic uses titanium!), there is always the chance that a short exposure to higher or lower temperatures than normal, or even high humidity or sudden shock can knock even high-quality microphones out of calibration. Usually this is only a few dB, but this may be important to your work.

The solution is to have a reliable microphone calibrator in your arsenal of test equipment, and we have tested a number of them and sourced one that meets our standards. And, so that we are not leaving anything to chance, every unit is checked against a B&K 4230 calibrator that has been recently certified.

If you are working on a critical job, the suggested use case is to check the calibration of the mic both before and after doing the tests.

Our Cal-1 fits all nominal 1” and 1/2” microphones, and supplies a 1kHz tone at 94db (1Pa) and 114dB (2Pa). We recommend using the 94dB setting for most applications. Check with your distributor or by through our online store by clicking below.


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