db-pod-white-green-led sm

dBPod is a revolutionary new smart local/remote audio monitor with color LED sound level indicators, wireless AudioTools interface, and Vibration Analyzer. Designed for use during system setup and installation, and also as an installed sound monitor, dBPod opens new possibilities in sound monitoring.

Mount dBPod using its unique twist-mounting ring to any surface, supply it with USB C audio, and set it up using the dBPod app. The color LED ring then shows whether sound levels are within the limits, or above local regulations.

For long-term unattended monitoring, save data to a USB stick installed in dBPod and retrieve up to 6 months data. Water resistant kit available.

Meets ISO Class 1 SLM standards for all audio and filter parameters and its microphone meets Class 2 standards. 

Local / Remote Sound Monitor

Wireless AudioTools Interface

Vibration Analyzer

  • Connect wirelessly to our new VibrationTools App coming Q4 2019
  • Includes Bosch accelerometer for 3-axis vibration analysisd