Special Coronavirus App Sale!

March 20th 2020

We’ve extended our software sale so that you can upgrade your system to a full professional audio analyzer.

Special Software Sale *

Due to the national coronavirus situation we have put AudioTools and the the full in-app upgrades on sale. Please stay safe during this time. Full details below.

Here's how the discounts break down (US iTunes pricing, regular and then sale price shown). Also please note that if you don't see the sale price at the time of purchase you will not get it and we cannot provide refunds! The price that you see at the time of purchase is the price that you will pay.


AudioTools App $19.99 - Sale Price $9.99


When the sale is going on you will automatically see discounted upgrade prices.

"All-In" Option - Everything included! - $399.99 - Sale Price $299.99.

Upgrade Calculator Options - Vary by upgrade level. Remember, the price that you see is the price that you will pay, and in general is in line with the discount percentage for the All-In option. During the sale, all prices are automatically discounted.

Loyalty Discounts

For those of you who have already bought some of our modules, use the new Upgrade Calculator to get the best deal on unlocking everything else. Just tap on any purchase and select Restore Purchases, or go to the Support->AudioTools Store page in the app to find your best deal.

In some cases, the Upgrade Calculator will present a limited-time discount. You will have 24-hours from the first appearance of the discount to accept it. After that, the normal upgrade price will be in effect.