mono-bal output mode

MOno/Bal Output Mode

AudioTools allows you to globally configure the audio output to support specially made cables to get a balanced output from a stereo jack.

NOTE: In most situations, including when you are breaking out the 3.5mm (1/8”) headphone jack to stereo RCA plugs, you will want MONO mode. Only use BAL (balanced) mode when you know that you are using a balanced audio cable, and plugging into a balanced input, like a 1/4” TRS on a mixing board, or an XLR input.

To make a balanced audio cable, you would make a cable with a 3.5mm 3-conductor plug on one end and either a 1/4” TRS plug or XLR connector on the other end. The 3.5mm tip (left) would go to the TRS tip, or the XLR pin 2. The 3.5mm ring (right) would go to the 1/4 ring or the XLR pin 3. XLR pin 1 is ground. Using this cable, you get an extra 6dB of level, and possible a cleaner signal that can travel longer distances without picking up as much noise as an unbalanced cable.

Once you have made this cable, go to the Settings->General page in AudioTools, and select Global Audio Settings. Now set the Output Mode to Balanced.


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