Dropbox Support

Note: We now recomend using Apple iCloud instead of Dropbox. We will continue to support Dropbox until they cancel support for the API that we are using. Please not that at some point Dropbox support will be removed from our apps.

AudioTools now fully supports Dropbox. Get a free Dropbox account, link to it in AudioTools, and your saved files automatically sync to your Dropbox folder.

If you are connected to the internet when you save the file, it transfers immediately, and if not, your saved files will transfer to Dropbox as soon as you have an internet connection and open AudioTools.


Files that are Supported

All the tab-delimited .xls files, .png image files that you take with the camera, and .txt files that you save in the notepad will be automatically synced.

And, if you also enable audio file transfer, .wav files from the Recorder, SPL Graph, and Impulse Response will also be transferred.

And, if you export your microphone calibration profiles file, this file will also be transferred.

This feature requires that you first sign up with Dropbox to get a Dropbox account and a folder on the Dropbox servers.

How it Works

When enabled, the selected files will be automatically copied to Dropbox when they are created, if you have internet access. If you do not have internet access when they are created, the next time you do have internet access and open the app the files will be copied to your Dropbox.

Setting Up Dropbox Support

Once your Dropbox account has been created, go the the Settings-General page in the app, and select Dropbox Settings. A screen will appear that shows your current status.


Tap link, and a screen will appear that lets you enter your Dropbox user name and password. Also, an "App" folder will be created in your Dropbox, and a folder for this app will be created in that folder.

After you have logged into Dropbox, the screen will disappear and you will be connected to your Dropbox account.

All .xls, .txt, and .png files will be now automatically copied to Dropbox as they are created. 


If you no longer wish to copy any files to your Dropbox account, tap Unlink.

Copy Audio Files to Dropbox

If you turn on this option, all audio files will also be copied to Dropbox. Since audio files can be large, you can choose to enable or disable this option.

Note on Syncing:

We are not using Dropbox in Sync mode, rather, we are simply copying the files from the iOS device to your Dropbox. Because of this, if you have multiple iOS connected to your Dropbox, files with the same name will be overwritten.