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AudioTools includes a base set of apps in the initial purchase price, and then has a number of optional modules that you can purchase from within AudioTools at any time as in-app purchases.

AudioTools works great on iPad, see here for more information. And, buy once, and use everything on all of your iOS devices.

Modules included in AudioTools base package

We've included the most commonly used acoustics apps in the base price of AudioTools, as well as the basic iAudioInterface tools, so you will have a useful and well-rounded set of audio test & measurement tools at your disposal. 

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SPL Meter -- The popular analog sound level meter, now with increased range to work with iAudioInterface2 and the internal mic in iOS 5, which can reach over 120 dB SPL. 

Includes A & C weightings, and Fast and Slow modes. Needle ballistics accurately represent the Fast and Slow response of an analog meter.

Filters and ballistics meet ANSI / ISO Type 1 specifications, when used with a suitable microphone.

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RTA -- Octave and 1/3 octave spectral analysis.

Includes cursor readout of dB bands, max & min lines, noise curve overlays, pink noise generator, and optional STC Transmission Loss. 

Meets all ANSI and ISO Class 1 standards for filter-based RTA measurements. Built-in NC readout. Includes support for the optional Reference Curves feature.

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FFT -- Fast Fourier Transform analysis for extremely detailed acoustics work. Two ranges, 20-20kHz, and 5Hz - 3100Hz.

Up to 32k FFT, smoothing, decay, peak frequency tracking, overlays. Includes support for the optional Reference Curves feature.


CLF Viewer -- View industry-standard AV installation loudspeaker information for hundreds of units from over 25 manufacturers. See plots including sensitivity, impedance, axial response, polar response, and a 3D color balloon plot that you can rotate to visualize the directional response in the room by frequency.

Sort list by manufacturer, active/passive, halfsphere/fullsphere, or weight. Save favorites.

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Amplifiers — Set the amp output level, select a signal crest factor, loudspeaker sensitivity, and distance using sliders and selectors.

Read out the resulting SPL level, see the amplifier output voltage, and also the Watts to the loudspeaker, dB Reference Sensitivity, and the Sine Burst Rating.

Uses generic devices now, soon it will support selecting specific amplifiers and loudspeakers from manufacturers participating in our sponsorship program.

Adapted from a tool written by Pat Brown at SynAudCon. More great tools and information available from SynAudCon here!

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Wire Gage Tool — Enter the length of the wire, and the load, and select the type of measure, Critical, PA, or Low Bid, and see the wire gages that will work for the install.

Uses generic wire and shows results in AWG and Sq. mm. Soon it will support selecting specific wire from manufacturers participating in our sponsorship program.

Adapted from a tool by Pat Brown at SynAudCon. More great tools and information available from SynAudCon here!

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Microphone Tool — Includes a Mic Placement Tool that calculates minimum spacing requirements for microphones.

Also includes a Needed Gain Calculator that computes NAG (Needed Acoustic Gain) and PAG (Potential Acoustic Gain) from distances between microphones, presenter, and listeners , equivalent acoustic distance, and the number of microphones installed.

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Delay Finder -- Measure time delay from a speaker. Sends an signal to a driver, then measures the time it takes for that signal to return. Shows ms and distance.

You can enter the air temperature, and use either feet / Fahrenheit or meters / centigrade units.

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Level / Frequency -- measure the dB level and frequency of the iAudioInterface2 line input or line output (also works with any dock input audio source).

With iAudioInterface you can measure the loaded generator output level.

Units of dBu, dBV, Vrms, Vpp, and Vave may be selected.


Audio Scope -- A dual-trace audio-band oscilloscope that includes auto- and single-trigger modes, variable sweep rate, and up to 128x gain. 

Includes X-Y and M-S modes, and cursor readout of frequency.

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Generator -- Audio signal generator that include sine waves, square waves, white noise, and pink noise. The noise signals may be octave-band limited. In landscape mode, you can set sweep start and stop frequencies, and a time in seconds. 

The sweep, once setup, can be run from the generator screen, and from the FFT and SmaartTools screens.

Also, see our Remote-Control Generator for un-tethered analysis.

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Monitor -- Monitor the microphone input in the headphones, adding up to 24dB of digital gain. 

Also has iZotope effects available.


Recorder -- Record mono or stereo audio files. Select sample rates from 8kHz - 48kHz, save in 16-bit WAV, Apple Lossless, or Apple CAF (compressed) formats.

iZotope effects available.


Calculators -- A set of handy audio-related calculators. 

We include dB conversions, dB sum / add, SPL addition, room mode calculator, capacitance and inductance reactance calculators, delay time, and a sine wave frequency / wavelength calculator. 

Units of feet or meters may be selected.

Modules available as in-app purchases

Not everyone will want or need every option. Choose just the ones that fit your needs, now, or anytime that you might need them. Purchase them directly on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Purchases are transferable to other devices that you own.

Check our in-app upgrade pricing here. Demo videos also available within AudioTools.


SPL Pro -- Our professional full-featured digital SPL meter. ANSI / ISO Slow, Fast, Impulse, and Peak modes.  Includes peak hold, LEQ with pause/run, octave band filters, and more.

All filters and exponential decay modes meet or exceed ANSI and ISO Type 0 standards. 

Includes reference mode (seat-to-seat), and peak hold, and bright and dark screen options.

Capture the max SPL, or do seat-to-seat comparisons.

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SPL Graph -- Plot SPL over time (up to 24 hours) and optionally record the audio. Supports A,C, and octave-band weightings.

Includes remote logging of SPL over 3G or WiFi, Ln measurements, auto-save and restart, playback of audio events in the app.


SPL Traffic Light -- Set 3 SPL dB levels to trigger the green, yellow, and red lights. Use this to monitor live sound level, or in any situation where you want to watch the sound levels. Use standard Fast or Slow decay, or Leq from 1 minute to 60 minutes. See our new demo video of this module.

Set up to 4 time zones for different trigger levels.

Also integrates with our remote logging system.


ETC -- Energy TIme Curve. Plots the decay of an impulse over time. Also computes RT60 from the curve. A, C, and octave band filters are available. Speaker delay may also be measured.

See our new demo video of this module.

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Impulse Response -- Record an Impulse Response audio file, and then analyze the IR for commonly used metrics. Both the data and IR can be uploaded to a PC or Mac. Demo videos are available. Measure 1/3 octave RT60, clarity, definition, EDT. Includes 3D Waterfall plots and windowing for loudspeaker analysis. Split screen mode on iPad.


Speaker Polarity -- Determines speaker polarity by analyzing a proprietary signal. See our new demo video of this module.

Measures woofers, midrange, and tweeter drivers.

Test signal is built-in, outputs from the device, or download the signal from our website.

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THD+n -- Measure Total Harmonic Distortion+noise  of the line input signal. Results are shown numerically, or may be graphed. Requires iAudioInterface. 

See our new demo video.


Amplitude Sweep -- Measure the frequency response of equipment. Requires iAudioInterface. See the demo video of this module.

Includes support for the optional Reference Curves feature.

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Speaker Distortion -- Measure distortion of a speaker, using the built-in or the iAudioInterface microphone. See our new demo video of this module.

Use this to compare drivers in a control room or rental environment, to find signs of early deterioration or abuse, before they become audible.

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Impedance Meter -- Measure impedance, from 0.5 ohms to 5000 ohms +/-1% or 1 Ohm. Also computes power requirements in watts for a given voltage speaker system. Results are shown numerically, or may be plotted. Requires iAudioInterface 1 or 2. 

See our new demo video.


Impedance Plot -- Sweep the generator, and graph speaker impedance to see driver resonance and impedance as a function of frequency.

Both impedance modules are included in the in-app purchase price.  Includes support for the optional Reference Curves feature.

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Smaart® Tools I -- Single-channel spectrum measurements ported from Rational Acoustics Smaart 7. Now you can have the power of the most popular acoustical analysis software on the iPhone / iPad platform.

Includes octave to 1/48th octave spectrum line and bar plots, and the spectrograph. Split graphs on iPad.


Surround Generator -- Generate Dolby Digital 5.1 or DTS-ES 6.1 surround sound signals using the Toslink optical output in iAudioInterface2. Signals are also available throughout AudioTools, in RTA, FFT, Smaart Tools, Speaker Polarity, Speaker Distortion, STIPA, SPL Pro, ETC, Impulse Response, and more.

Perfect for home theater setup. Note that you can download and install all the test signal files using iTunes. Requires iAudioInterface2 and iOS 5.


Transfer Function -- A true two-channel transfer function, complete with magnitude, phase, and coherence plots, coherence masking, and a sample-accurate impulse response-based delay finder.

Requires a two-channel audio interface, such as iAudioInterface2.

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VU Meter -- Dual display VU / PPM meters for monitoring mono or stereo level. See our new demo video.


STIPA Basic -- Speech intelligibility module that meets all of the requirements of the international STIPA standard, and as such may be used for NFPA Fire Code work.

Provides the correct STIPA value, using the same algorithm as our STIPA Pro module.


STIPA Pro -- Speech intelligibility module. Industry-standard test for speech intelligibility, based on v4 of the international standard. Complies with all current fire and building codes.

Includes advanced features, including averaging of multiple tests, save / recall of results, and the ability to email detailed results, or transfer them to your computer for reporting.

Play the test signal from the iOS device, or download it from our website and play it from a CD or WAV file player. Average up to 6 measurements.